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Michael Genereux, Président de Gestion Termico Inc.

Michael Genereux Montreal's Bio:

Montreal’s Michael Genereux is a businessman and serial entrepreneur living and working in Longueuil, a small suburb near Montreal. Michael Genereux is the president of Gestion Termico Inc., a public transportation provider located in Longueuil, Quebec. As President, Genereux oversees the operations and profitability of the transportation company.  He was promoted to President of Gestion Termico after serving as the company’s Vice President for four years.  In his vice president capacity, Genereux oversaw the company’s customer service and general management.  He was also was in charge of collecting and storing information regarding customers, ticket pricing and ticket selling.   Outside of his work at the Longueuil-based transport company, Montreal’s Michael Genereux is active with two investment firms.  He is the sitting President of Investissements Immobiliers MG Inc., a real estate investment company operating in Montreal.  Genereux has been the President of the business since 2004.  He also serves as Vice President at Placements GYAM Inc., a general investment company where he has worked since 2005. Genereux has helped both companies make strategic investments, which, in turn, has allowed them to grow and expand.   Prior to his work in the investment and transportation sectors, Genereux combined his passion for investment with his entrepreneurial expertise and invested in the wine and food industry. He was President of Epicerie Alfalfa Inc., a fine food retailer in the Jean Talon Market of Montreal. Genereux was also President of La Grange du Marché, another fine food retailer operating in Montreal’s Jean Talon Market.   In early 2015,  Genereux began a vice presidential position at Groupe MAM, an investment company with shares in Groupe Versay Inc., a modern wine manufacturer revolutionizing the way wine is sold and consumed in public spaces.   Genereux has been described as full of energy and enthusiasm by friends and colleagues; he is also known for his fervor for life. An avid businessman and entrepreneur, Genereux is always looking for an exciting new investment opportunity.  He is currently working on several projects that are slated for unveiling in the coming years.   In his leisure time, Genereux, an experienced sailor, can be found sailing the pristine waters of Lake Champlain in his sail boat. He also enjoys spending time with his children. While studying literature in University, Genereux developed a passion for prose and enjoys reading the classics and modern literature. He also enjoys playing his guitar and keeps fit by running.  

Michael Genereux Montreal's Experience:

Michael Genereux Montreal's Interests & Activities:

running; reading; wine; sailing

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